PAMP was pleased to be in attendance at a recent event at Istituto Sant'Angelo di Loverciano in the company's hometown of Castel San Pietro, Switzerland.

    The June 1st event featured a luncheon during which attendees were able to dine on fresh pasta made by the school's own students. PAMP supported the school in establishing an on-site laboratory for the preparation of the food – part of a wider project aimed at introducing the students to the working world.

    Since 1950, Istituto Sant'Angelo di Loverciano has been providing a professional education to young people, including students with disabilities or problems arising from social disadvantage.

    Director of the Institute, Piercarla Reposo, who was in attendance at the event, explained that the activity coincides with a theme at the school of 'knowing and knowing how to do.'

    'We are pleased with how the guys have faced this new challenge, and we are also, in a certain sense, amazed at how much they have managed to achieve in such a short time and the enthusiasm they have shown,' said Reposo, who noted how the project helped teach students how to follow a process and respect the rules.

    'These fundamental concepts teach them an attitude that will be a concrete aid for the future,' Reposo said.

    PAMP CEO, Nadia Haroun, who was also in attendance, expressed satisfaction with the development of the company's cooperation with the school.

    PAMP's sponsorship has helped to generate an added value for the students of Istituto Sant'Angelo di Loverciano through various educational projects. The company's continued support for the school is further evidence that PAMP's commitment to the local community remains a top priority in its social and environmental responsibility efforts.