PAMP is proud to announce the incorporation of a technological breakthrough into its refining process that will help advance the company's sustainability efforts, as well as its positive social and environmental impact.

    Developed by IKOI and GTF, AcidLess Separation® (ALS) is an innovative new system that separates silver and other metals from gold without the use of chemicals. Through the ALS system, raw metal is inserted into a vacuum furnace where extreme heat is used to separate the various metals.

    The exciting green technology is revolutionizing the pre-refining process for precious metals with clear benefits to the environment, including a drastic reduction in chemicals and energy consumption. Those reductions ensure lower refining times, smaller amounts of material to be refined, and an overall drop in emissions. In addition, the sealed and isolated equipment grants increased safety for the operators involved in the process.

    With the installation of the ALS device at PAMP's Castel San Pietro refinery, PAMP has become the first precious metals company in Europe to incorporate the revolutionary system into its refining process. The acquisition of that cutting edge technology is a reflection of both PAMP's innovative, pioneering spirit and its firm commitment to not only meeting its regulatory requirements – but exceeding them.

    'Even in an industrial area such as the refinery, which is linked to traditional processes, there is room for improvement and innovation,' says Nadia Haroun, CEO of PAMP. 'PAMP is constantly looking for new solutions – like this project – to make our operations more sustainable.'


    PAMP is pleased to announce the release of the Madonna and Child oval coin-pendant.

    Part of an exceptional PAMP series commemorating the incredible works of renowned American artist and Disney Legend ® Eyvind Earle, the legal tender coin-pendant features a beautifully intimate design adapted from the pioneering artist's successful Christmas and holiday card series.

    Set within a bezel of finely engraved silver, the new fine silver release features precision minting techniques perfected by PAMP, including ultra-precise colorization and two-dimensional relief.

    Delivered within a deluxe presentation box, featuring an easel-like display case function and an opulent crimson and gold patterned exterior, the charming new release provides an inspiring keepsake for gift-givers and collectors alike.

    The new release is officially authorized by an exclusive agreement with Eyvind Earle Publishing, LLC

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