As part of an official UNESCO program, PAMP and Monnaie de Paris are pleased to present the “850th Anniversary of Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral” commemorative coin series. Scheduled for a March 11th 2013 release, this brilliant tribute from Monnaie de Paris is the latest release in PAMP's cooperative international coin and medal program with UNESCO, which seeks to promote the organization's World Heritage sites and global missions.

    With 850 years having passed since its construction, the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral remains one of the world's defining masterpieces of Gothic architecture. The cathedral, which attracts over 13 million visitors per year, was inscribed by UNESCO as a protected World Heritage site in 1991.

    The legal tender coin series features an exceptional design. The obverse pays tribute to the architecture of this remarkable cathedral by depicting its most distinguishable features, such as the gargoyles, the towers and the center of the rose window. The 850th Anniversary of the start of the cathedral's construction also appears on the obverse, along with the name, "Notre-Dame de Paris.” The coin's reverse features its face value and the UNESCO logo.

    Within the series, the €10 silver coin has been enhanced with a cold translucent enamel, which creates a “stained glass window” effect that is reminiscent of the cathedral’s great rose window. Monnaie de Paris is also issuing a one kilogram gold coin, which will be packaged in a luxurious black box featuring a reproduction of an original stained glass window.

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  • PAMP furthers its commitment to guarantee sustainable growth

    PAMP is furthering its commitment to responsible development for the third consecutive year with the presentation of the new edition of its Sustainability Report. In order to attain sustainable growth, action must be taken at the local level using adequate internal systems and procedures, and at the international level, actively upholding regulations, standards and values shared within the sector concerned. That dedication is a double-commitment that has enabled PAMP to become recognized as a global leader in the fabrication, marketing and distribution of precious metals products, as evidenced by its recent Partnership with UNESCO.

    People. Environment. Company: Our Commitment. That is the title we decided to give to our third Sustainability Report, using three words that not only summarize the foundation of our business, but also the goals that guide our day-to-day operations.

    For PAMP, the annual presentation of its results is not simply a repetitive exercise but rather an opportunity to compare its present and past performances, analyzing the differences and understanding how it has developed and where there still remains room for improvement. In fact, in the last few years, Corporate Responsibility has increasingly become a strategic topic for many companies that are well aware of how the ‘public’ aspect of their businesses requires attention and sensitivity in their daily decisions.

    Special attention is paid in the report to the precious metals sector and in particular to its sustainability. In that regard, PAMP is actively collaborating on various projects that have been launched internationally, with the objective of anticipating and managing ethical and environmental risks that may appear at any point in the value chain. However, corporate responsibility is not only external but also internal, as regards the company's own staff, for whom a number of training options are planned. On the environmental front, the company is committed to improving its energy consumption-efficiency even more, for example by standardizing electricity use during the day, monitoring water consumption and investing in initiatives able to make the company increasingly self-sufficient in that field. PAMP's recent turnover, which has increased by 18% compared to last year, is further evidence of its development and solid capitalization, guaranteeing a long-term strategic vision.

    The Ticino refinery’s international reach has also been confirmed by an important mark of recognition recently obtained from a prestigious international body. PAMP has been appointed as UNESCO’s Exclusive Partner to coordinate and distribute commemorative coins and medals, in collaboration with an international network of central banks, mints and dealers. As Ian Denison, Chief of the UNESCO Publications Unit at UNESCO's Headquarters, remarked, PAMP will be an exclusive partner for the next 5-years, having been selected over the leading refineries and distributors in the world. Besides 35-years of experience, the fact that PAMP has a presence on all 5-continents and has the capacity to coordinate an extensive sales network were also considered to be fundamental factors. All of those elements confirm that PAMP's core values, such as quality, reliability, excellence and technological innovation are indispensible criteria for winning international recognition.

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